Use Iconic Buddhist Teachings to Improve Your Life

Over the past few decades, scientists have grown increasingly interested in happiness: What makes us happy or unhappy? How can we increase our happiness? 

Buddhists have been studying the phenomenon of happiness for millennia.

Today, there’s considerable intersection between Buddhism and science. Recent research indicates that Buddhism has an incredible amount to teach us about living more mindful, peaceful and happy lives.

By unwrapping iconic Buddhist teachings, this eBook focuses on specific actions you can take to improve all aspects of your daily life.

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About the eBook

This new eBook by Hack Spirit offers pragmatic advice for daily life, grounded in ancient traditions.  

We explore several Eastern philosophies—primarily Buddhism, but also Taoism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Hinduism—drawing on their insights to make practical suggestions for your everyday life.  

Among the topics investigated we teach you how to meditate, how to foster healthier relationships, how to heal from pain and trauma, and how to unburden yourself from intrusive negative thoughts.  

This book is ultimately about you: a wiser, calmer, happier you.  

You'll learn

How and why to be mindful. Bring a mindful attitude to eating breakfast, walking the dog, or sitting on the floor to stretch.

How to meditate (it's not nearly as hard as you probably think) and some simple steps to get started.

How to approach relationships, including tips for interacting with friends and enemies alike.

How to minimize harm.

How to let things go. Find peace in letting go and accepting things as they are in the moment.

Who it's for

This eBook is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their life, using the timeless wisdom of Buddhism to inspire them along the way.  

Whether you know a lot about Buddhism, or hardly anything at all, this will be the perfect catalyst to living a more mindful, peaceful and happy life.

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3-4 Hours to Read

No fluff. At 71 pages, this eBook is comprehensive, but also extremely accessible.

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