The Jordan Peterson Phenomenon

Whether you know everything about Jordan Peterson, or snippets of what people say about him here and there, or even nothing at all, it’s easy to feel like the name Jordan Peterson has just snuck up on you over the last year.  

For some, Jordan Peterson is a refreshing new voice in the political and social world. For others, the name Jordan Peterson alone is enough to spark intense argument and debate. And unless you have listened to several of his lectures or read his bestselling book, it can be difficult to situate yourself to Jordan Peterson’s relevance. 

Are you supposed to rally for him, against him, or just ignore his name completely?

In this 58 page eBook we explore the Jordan Peterson phenomenon from all sides. We outline who he is, where comes from, what he has to say, and why he is surrounded in so much controversy.

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What this eBook has to offer

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian academic, professor, and clinical psychologist. A globally-renowned speaker, his dissatisfaction with the rise of identity politics and other liberal ideologies have found a place among millions who feel the same way.  

The simple fact is that Peterson has shaken the world with his insistence on opening discourse on controversial topics. 

Peterson has been viciously attacked by both the right and the left, with the media doing everything to discredit him; however, his popularity continues to grow. 

In this new eBook we delve into his most contentious views, including:

  • The gender pay gap
  • Transgender pronouns
  • Political correctness
  • The superiority of western civilization.  

By the end of this book, we hope to achieve three things:  

  • You'll have a clearer understanding of Jordan Peterson and his philosophies
  • You'll be familiar with his critics and the arguments against him 
  • You'll have the ability to form your own educated and unbiased opinion on Jordan Peterson.

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