Special guest Nastaran Tavakoli-Far joins Justin Brown to discuss...

Why men need to spend more time with just men...

Nastaran Tavakoli-Far is host of the Gender Knot, a podcast that tackles a gnarly gender issue every week.

On this Ideapod webinar, Nas and Justin will discuss the thorny issue of whether men need to spend more time just with men. They will talk about the so-called crisis in masculinity, why men need better role models in modern day society and what role (if any) men's groups can play in helping men live better lives.

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Here Are the Details for This Webinar

  • When is it? April 2, 3PM Los Angeles (PST), 6PM New York (PDT), 11PM London (BST), April 3, 8AM Melbourne (AEDT)
  • Where is it? Join in from your laptop/desktop
  • Who's doing it? Presented by Nastaran Tavakoli-Far and Justin Brown
  • Why should I be there? To join in on the discussion and be inspired
  • What's it all about? The webinars bring together the Ideapod community so we can ideate and connect.

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Save Your Seat Now

Check out the episode on The Gender Knot where Nas interviews NYT bestselling author Mark Manson on men's groups 

Nas and Justin will build upon the ideas shared in the above podcast episode, so make sure you check it out before the webinar.

A note from Justin Brown

"There are so many wonderful things happening in the present time around uncovering some of the uglier sides of masculinity. However, in all these conversations I think there's an unfortunate and inadvertent consequence. This is that the label of 'toxic masculinity' has caused many men to lose a connection with the more honorable and noble side of what it means to be a man.

"Men need to be around other strong men so we can have positive role models, and I think men's groups have an important role to play.

"I'm immensely looking forward to this conversation with my good friend Nas. While we probably agree on many things, we always find much to also disagree on and I'm sure this webinar will be no exception!"

—Justin Brown - Ideapod co-founder

What people say about Nas's podcast, The Gender Knot

  • "The host has a knack for putting her finger on the things that worry us, for good reason.” - Alain de Botton, The School of Life
  • “Every episode is a revelation. I cannot wait for the next season!" - Michael Puett, author of The Path: A New Way to Think About Everything
  • "Few contemporary subjects are as thorny and complicated as gender, but The Gender Knot provides welcome clarity and insight alongside a refreshing sense of humor." - Zachary Davis, Ministry of Ideas podcast host & Boston & Globe contributor

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